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NewSpace Ignitor Level-UP! Recordings

NewSpace Ignitor Level-Up! Recordings


UNM Business Acceleration Programs

Speakers: Dr. Steve Walsh, Distinguished Professor, UNM Anderson 

Dr. Raj Mahto, Department Chair, Finance and Innovation Department

Dr. Rob DelCampo, Executive Director, UNM Innovation Academy

September 20, 2023

NMSU Arrowhead Center

Speakers: Patricia Knighten, Director, Innovation Commercialization

Chris Corbine, Program Manager, Aggie I-Corps programs

Kathy Foster, Sr. Program and Strategic Planning Officer

August 23, 2023

National Reconnaissance Office

Speaker: Colin Bettis, Director of Outreach

August 16, 2023

Government Agency Overview (Where’s the Money?)

Speaker: Carter Breckenridge and Scott Maethner

August 2, 2023 


Speaker: Jennifer Donaldson

July 19, 2023

Show & Tell Ignitor Companies and You!

Speakers: All Ignitor Members

July 12, 2023

GSA’s Role in Bridging the “Valley of Death”

Speaker: Mike Fraizer

June 28, 2023

MathWorks Introduction: MATLAB and Simulink

Speaker: Sri Ramasubban

June 21, 2023

Stop Wasting Sales Cycles: Grow Faster With Messaging Mastery

Speaker: Erika Hecht

June 14, 2023

Putting the Understanding in MOU

Speaker: Severin Blenkush

June 7, 2023

SpaceWERX Introduction

Speaker: Gabe Mounce

March 29, 2023

Cybersecurity Compliance and Meeting DoD/Gov’t Requirements

Speakers: Steve Beaty, Isaac James

March 15, 2023

Company Valuation

Speaker: Drew Tulchin

March 8, 2023

Meet Active Investors Interested in Space Companies

Speakers: Scott Lopez, Phil Scully, Dan Brooks, Kevin McDonald, Jordan Clancy

February 1, 2023

Doing Business in New Mexico

Speakers: Danielle Casey and Chad Matheson

January 18, 2023

Intro to Octane and Haystax

Speakers: Dave Beck and Paul Symczak

January 4, 2023


Advice from the C-Suite

Speakers: Joe Sciabica, Dr. Peter Wegner, and Maj Gen Neil McCasland (ret.)

December 14, 2022

What the Government Wants to See

Speaker: Severin Blenkush, Space Advisory Group

December 7, 2022

What Prime Companies Want to See

Speakers: Brad McAlpine, Bryan Hoefler, and Clint Hunt

December 1, 2022

Space Ecosystem Intelligence Presentation

Speaker: Corey Cooper

November 9, 2022

2022 Ignitor Initial Concept Pitches

Speaker: All Ignitor Members

November 9, 2022